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Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences (A &S) provide the foundation for the SCA. Without them, we wouldn't know what to wear, what to eat, or how to fight. Through A&S we learn how people lived during our Period and how things were done like spinning and weaving the cloth used in clothing. But unlike classes that we all took in high school and college, in the SCA we actually learn how to do these things. At any event or demo, you can find people spinning yarn; weaving fabric or trim; embroidering garments; making jewelry, chain mail, or plate armor; or any one of a number of activities that might have been done by people in the Middle Ages or Renaissance.

In fact, just about any activity that a person in our Period would have done would be considered appropriate to learn about. We've had people investigate such things as soap-making, alchemy, siege weapons, portrait painting, gardening, herbology, cookery, etc. The SCA offers many ways to assist someone who is interested in learning a new skill or gaining knowledge in a particular field. In addition, the SCA promotes A&S by offering its members the opportunity to share work they have completed through displays or through organized competitions. These opportunities provide a learning experience for both participants and non-participants.