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Baron Geldamar le faceur
MKA: David White
Lady Marie-Helene of the New Forest
MKA: Sandi Rust
Lord Elphin ap Daffyd
MKA: David Slice
Lord Seamus Blair de Maxwell
MKA: Max Blair
(Knight Marshal)
Lorrd Wilhelm Leopard der Schwarze
MKA: William Rust
Baroness Delia Flammen
MKA: Pam Slice
Lady Machteld Cleine
MKA: Eva Bogaerts Hauk
The barony, kingdom and the larger structure of the SCA provides the framework for our Canton, which covers the greater Columbia SC region.  We love to welcome new people, interested in any aspect of the Middle Ages.  Don't worry about what you don't know or haven't yet learned to do.. we have a local saying: "Stand Still long enough, and someone will teach you something."  Actually.. you don't even always have to stand still.

Come and join us.. find your new passion!

Because who doesn't want to go back in time and lead a life of beauty and adventure?
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