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1. This Document
1.1. This document shall be accepted by a majority vote at a scheduled Baronial meeting and replace
    all previous financial policies.
1.2. This document may be amended or replaced by a majority vote at a scheduled Baronial meeting.
1.3. This document shall be reviewed annually at the Baronial meeting at the Baronial Birthday event.
1.4. This document is superseded by: Kingdom Exchequer Policy, Kingdom Financial Policy, Kingdom
    Law, Society Financial Policy, Society Exchequer Policy, Corpora, State and Federal Law.
1.5. Unless otherwise stipulated, Nottinghill Coill will follow Atlantian Laws and Policies.

2. The Chancellor of the Exchequer
2.1. The Exchequer shall maintain a checking account with appropriate signature cards for the
     Barony, file all quarterly and event reports as required by Kingdom and Society law and policy,
     enforce and maintain the Barony’s financial policy, serve as chairperson of the Barony’s Financial
     Committee and hold primary responsibility for coordinating with other members of the Financial
     Committee and communicating the committee’s actions to the populace.
2.2. The Exchequer shall, upon request, provide access to the Barony’s financial reports and books to
     any member of the Barony and shall publish the annual Doomsday Report in the February issue
     of the Baronial Newsletter.
2.3. The Exchequer or designated representative shall attend and provide a report at all scheduled
     Baronial meetings.
2.4. The Exchequer shall disburse funds for approved expenditures in a timely manner, typically one
     to two (1-2) weeks, upon presentation of the appropriate receipts.
2.5. The Exchequer shall pursue any NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) checks received by the Barony
     according to the policy outlined in the Society Exchequer’s Handbook.

3. Financial Committee
3.1. The Financial Committee shall consist of the Exchequer, the Seneschal, and one other officer.
3.2. Each member of the Financial Committee must be a paid member of the Society for Creative
     Anachronism, Inc, be at least 18 years of age, and possess a valid warrant for their office.
3.3. Each member of the Financial Committee shall be a signatory on the Barony's checking account.
3.4. The Financial Committee shall review all proposed expenditures and may authorize any
     expenditure of the Barony’s unallocated funds.
3.5. At the discretion of the Financial Committee, any requested expenditure may be put to a vote of
     SCA paid members. This is recommended for all expenditures over $100 that are not event-
3.6. The Financial Committee shall report all of its activity to the populace at the next scheduled
     Baronial meeting and in the Baronial newsletter.

4.1. Event Budget
4.1.1. The Event Steward shall present a proposed budget for an event to the Financial
        Committee for review and approval at least six (6) months before the date of the
        event. The Financial Committee may choose to reduce this six (6) month schedule
        under extenuating circumstances, such as a request from the Crown or an event
        being small enough in scope that six (6) months’ lead time is not required. A final
        itemized budget shall be presented not later than ninety (90) days before the start
        of the event.
Any changes to the budget must be approved by the Financial Committee.
The Financial Committee must authorize any itemized expenditure in excess of the
approved amount.
All checks shall be photocopied and deposited in a timely manner, within not more
than two (2) weeks of receipt.
No funds shall be removed from the Check-In (Gate) cash box except as change for
funds received.
All event proceeds shall be deposited within five (5) days after the conclusion of
the event.
4.2. Event Reservations and Registration (Check-In)
4.3. Event Refunds
4.3.1. No refunds shall be provided if the event does not make a profit.
         4.3.2. The Exchequer must receive refund requests in writing no later than seven days after
                 the event.
         4.3.3. All refunds shall be paid by check from the Barony’s checking account.
         4.3.4. No refund shall be issued until the event books have been closed.
4.4. Event Report
         4.4.1. The event report shall be completed by the Event Steward and the Exchequer, within
                two weeks after the conclusion of the event.
         4.4.2. The event financial report shall be presented to the populace at the next scheduled
                Baronial meeting after the event books have been closed or by some other means if
                the next meeting is more than sixty (60) days after the event.

5.1. Approved Expenditures
5.1.1. Reimbursement for an approved expenditure will be made only upon presentation of a
       written request for reimbursement and all receipts.
5.1.2. Requests for reimbursement of event-related expenditures must be submitted within
       five (5) days of the close of the event and must have the approval of the Event Steward.
5.1.3. Requests for reimbursement of expenditures that are not event- related must be
       submitted by the end of the quarter following the one in which the expenditure was
5.1.4. One-time expenditures of less than one hundred dollars ($100) may be authorized by
       the Seneschal and Exchequer, and shall be reported at the next Baronial meeting
       and/or published in the Baronial newsletter if no meeting is scheduled within sixty (60)
       days of approval of the expenditure.
5.2. Advances
5.2.1. The Financial Committee may approve advance payments to cover anticipated
       expenditures (such as feast for an event). A written request is required from the
       recipient prior to disbursement. Receipts and repayment covering the total amount
       disbursed must be provided within thirty (30) days of receipt of the advance or seven
       (7) days after the conclusion of the event, whichever is sooner.
Barony of Nottinghill Coill Financial Policy