6.Subsidiary Branches
Any new group that forms may be given startup money from the Barony in the amount of
$250 or 10% of unallocated funds, whichever is less.
Startup money, as well as other funds belonging to the new group, will be administered by
the Baronial Exchequer in accordance with Kingdom Policy.
Until such time as the funds are transferred into the account of the subsidiary branch, that
branch will follow the financial policies of the Barony, except that the Financial Committee
with consist of the group Exchequer, the group Seneschal, one other group officer, the
Baronial Exchequer, and the Baronial Seneschal.
If a subsidiary branch dissolves for any reason, an amount equal to the startup money
received from the Barony shall be returned to the Barony’s General Fund, if there are
sufficient monies in the group account.
Any funds in excess of initial startup monies shall be deposited into the Baronial account
within thirty (30) of the dissolution of the subsidiary group.
The Baronial Exchequer shall report the transfer of funds from any closing group into the
Baronial account. This report shall occur within sixty (60) days or at the next scheduled
Baronial meeting, whichever is sooner.

7.1. An inventory of Baronial possessions shall be done within ninety (90) days after a Baronial
7.1.1. A master inventory shall be maintained by the current Baronage, with copies provided
       to the Baronial Seneschal and Baronial Exchequer. Updates to the inventory, such as
       items purchased by or gifted to the Barony, shall be provided to all parties within thirty
       (30) days of any change.
7.2. Baronial possessions shall be defined as any property, depreciable or disposable, purchased
by or gifted to the Barony for use by sitting Baronage, Baronial Officers, Baronial Champions,
or for general Baronial use (such as a Baronial list field, Baronial tabards, etc.)
Depreciable items are those required to be reported in the quarterly financial reports. These
include items such as coronets, Baronial pavilions, thrones, etc.
7.3.1. When a depreciable item is fully depreciated, it shall be deemed as a disposable item.
7.3.2. If a depreciable item is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, before it is fully
       depreciated, it may be replaced by consensus of the Baronage and the Financial
7.4. Disposable items are all other Baronial possessions.
7.4.1. Disposable items may be disposed at the discretion of the Baronage, with the exception
       of items of historical interest (such as fully depreciated coronets.)
7.4.2. Means of disposal may include, but are not limited to Baronial fundraisers, donations,
       or outright disposal.
7.4.3. Any funds received from the disposal of such items must be put into the Baronial
       general fund.

Change History
Date Accepted: July 14, 2001 Seneschal: Kari Kyst
Exchequer: Ealdthryth of Humberstone
Date Revised: March 30, 2002 by populace at Baronial Birthday meeting Seneschal: Madeleine d'Angers
Exchequer: Ealdthryth of Humberstone
Modified Section 4.1.1 to add the following sentence:
The Financial Committee may choose to reduce this six month schedule under extenuating
circumstances, such as a request from the Crown or an event being small enough in scope that six
months’ lead time is not required.
Date Revised: April 15, 2017 by populace at Crusades: Portugal meeting. Seneschal: Morwenna
Exchequer: Janna of Falcon Cree. Complete review and update.
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