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1. The Barony
       1.1. The Barony of Nottinghill Coill is a region within the Kingdom of Atlantia, being one of the Laurel Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism. For the purposes of these policies, the Barony of Nottinghill Coill shall be defined by, but is not limited to, all those geographical regions specified by Corpora and Atlantian Law.

2. The Policies
2.1. The Barony of Nottinghill Coill, as defined by Corpora, has written the following set of Baronial
     policies which were approved by the Populace at the Insert date here Business Meeting.
2.1.1. In all cases, these Baronial policies shall be consistent with Corpora and Atlantian Law.
       If such conditions should arise where there may be conflict, Kingdom Laws of Atlantia
       shall always supersede these policies. This set of policies shall be amended from time
       to time to conform to both Corpora and Atlantian Law.
2.1.2. The Nottinghill Coill Baronial Policy shall be reviewed within the first six months after
       the investiture of new Coronets, and a copy maintained by the Baronial Seneschal.
2.2. The Baronial policies can be amended or altered by the Barony of the Nottinghill Coill at any
     time, provided:
2.2.1. All proposed changes to the Baronial policies shall be published in the Baronial
       Newsletter at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting in which they will be
       discussed and/or voted upon.
2.2.2. No changes shall be made or acted upon without approval at a Baronial meeting as
       defined by 4.6 of this Policy.
2.2.3. Approved changes shall not be effective until such time as they are published in the
       Baronial Newsletter.
2.2.4. These Baronial Policies shall be maintained on the Baronial web page.
3. The Baronial Coronet
3.1. The Baronial Coronet shall be defined as the individual(s) appointed by the Crown of Atlantia.
3.2. The Baronial Coronets’ term shall be in compliance with Atlantian Law.
3.3. The appointment of a new Baronial Coronet shall be conducted in accordance with Atlantian

4. Baronial Meeting
4.1. A Baronial meeting is any assemblage of the populace which is called by the Baronial Coronet
     or Baronial Seneschal in order to receive advice on the administration and governance of the
     Barony or for the populace to vote on such issues as are required by policies.
4.2. The meeting agenda and the actual running of said meeting is the responsibility of the
     Baronial Seneschal.
4.3. The date, time, and place for the Baronial meeting shall be published in the Baronial
     Newsletter and posted on the Baronial e-list at least fourteen (14) days prior to its
4.4. A tentative agenda should be published via the Baronial e-list seven (7) days prior to the
     scheduled meeting. Members of the Populace may request topics for discussion or vote by
     writing the Baronial Seneschal.
4.5. Between scheduled Baronial meetings, emergency meetings of the Baronial Financial
     Committee may act in the Barony’s best interests. Such actions will be reported at the next
     regularly scheduled Baronial meeting and/or in the next scheduled Baronial Newsletter or
     Baronial Email List.
4.6. When a vote is required, members of the Barony are defined as SCA paid members who reside
     or participate within the geographic boundaries of the Barony. All votes shall be decided by
     simple majority.
5. Baronial Officers
5.1. Duties of the offices of the Barony of Nottinghill Coill are specified in Corpora, Kingdom Law,
     Baronial Financial Policy and this document. Baronial offices may consist of, but are not
     limited to:
*  Seneschal (required by Corpora)
*  Exchequer (required by Corpora)
*  Herald (required by Corpora)
*  Chronicler (required by Corpora) (Additional Duties: The Baronial Chronicler, or an acceptable
deputy designated by the Chronicler, shall be responsible for taking the minutes at Baronial
meetings, and shall publish the minutes in the next Baronial newsletter.)
*  Knight’s Marshal
*  Minister of Arts and Sciences
*  Minister of the Lists
*  Chancellor of Youth
*  Chatelain(e)
*  Webminister (Additional Duties: The Webminister shall publish the Baronial Newsletter to the
Baronial website within five (5) days of receipt of the same from the Baronial Chronicler.)
General Policy for The Barony of
Nottinghill Coill
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