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5.2. Each Baronial Officer shall report on the state of his/her office at each Baronial meeting. Each
     Baronial officer or proxy is required to attend at least one Baronial meeting per quarter, if
     such meeting is scheduled, to give the Officer’s Report at the meeting. Noncompliance with
     this policy may result in a recommendation for removal of the individual being forwarded to
     the appropriate Kingdom officer.
5.3. All papers (including official correspondence) and regalia belonging to any office are the
     property of that office and must be transferred in their entirety to any new Baronial officer
     within thirty (30) days of any change of office.
5.4. Appointment of Baronial officers.
5.4.1. The opening of a Baronial Office shall be made public by an announcement at a
       scheduled Baronial meeting, in a written announcement in the Baronial Newsletter, and
       on the Baronial e-list.
5.4.2. Announcements shall include a deadline for consideration to assume the duties of an
       Office no less than fourteen (14) days from the date the opening is announced in all
       required venues.
5.4.3. Interested candidates shall respond in writing to the Baronial Seneschal, and Baronial
5.4.4. At the deadline, the list of candidates shall be published on the Baronial e-list and
       website, inviting written, private commentary from the populace to the Baronial
       Seneschal and the Baronial Coronet. All such commentary shall remain confidential.
5.4.5. The Baronial Seneschal and the Baronial Coronet will review the commentary and
       together select the candidate and recommend such to the Kingdom officer for
5.4.6. At such time as the warranting Kingdom officer allows, the new Baronial officer shall be
       publicly announced via the newsletter and website.
5.4.7. Due to the length of the Pennsic War, no officer changes shall be made during the
       duration of that event.
5.5. Baronial officers may select whatever deputies they require for the duration of their office.
5.6. Baronial Officer Term Limits shall be as follows: Baronial officers can serve no more than two
     (2) consecutive terms unless otherwise permitted in the Atlantian Book of Policy. Term
     lengths, both initial and subsequent, are as defined for each particular office in the Atlantian
     Book of Policy. This may be extended in cases where no one steps up to fill a pending slot.
5.7. Any office not required to maintain Baronial status may go vacant.
5.8. In the event that an office suddenly becomes vacant, the outgoing officer’s primary (“Drop
     Dead “) deputy may assume the office at the discretion of the Seneschal on an interim basis
     until the requirements are met for filling the office vacancy.
5.8.1. Officers who do not attend three consecutive meetings or make arrangements for the
       office report to be given at said meetings may be recommended to their respective
       Kingdom Officer for removal.
5.8.2. Officers in non-compliance with their Society, Kingdom, or Baronial laws or policies
       may be recommended to their respective Kingdom Officer for removal. The Seneschal
       shall attempt to contact the Baronial Officer prior to the recommendation.

6. Publications
6.1. All Baronial publications should go through the Baronial Chronicler’s office.
6.2. The Barony shall publish a monthly newsletter in accordance with Kingdom Law.
6.2.1. The Newsletter shall be called The Quill.
6.2.2. The Quill shall be made available on the Baronial web page.
6.3. All Letters of Intent for consideration for territorial Baronage shall be published in the Quill.

7. Baronial Events
7.1. Any SCA, Inc. approved entity, household, or guild, may sponsor Baronial events in accordance
    with Baronial Financial Policy.
7.2. Nottinghill Coill Baronial General Policy shall conform to Nottinghill Coill Financial Policy in all
    matters regarding events and budgets.
7.3. Event Steward Selection
7.3.1. A prospective Event Steward (“Autocrat”) shall submit a bid which includes an Event
      Proposal form, a Budget, and Proof of Membership through the dates of the event, to
      the Baronial Seneschal and Exchequer.
7.3.2. If there are multiple bids for the same event or event date, the event proposals will be
      presented to the populace at a Baronial Meeting. The majority vote will determine the
      Event Steward. Prospective bids may be withdrawn at any time before this vote occurs.
7.4. Event Steward Removal
7.4.1 If it is determined by the Seneschal and a majority vote of the Financial Committee that
      the Event Steward for a Baronial Event is in willful non-compliance with Society,
      Kingdom, or Baronial Laws or Policies, then the Event Steward will be removed as Event
      Steward for the event.
7.4.2. If an Event Steward is removed from his/her duties, the Baronial Seneschal will serve as
      interim Event Steward for the event until a new Event Steward is selected.
7.4.3. If an Event Steward is removed from duty, a new Event Steward will be selected through
      a majority vote of the Baronial Officers.
7.4.4. If, in case of Emergency, an Event Steward is unable to perform their duties, the Baronial
      Seneschal will serve as the interim Event Steward until a new Event Steward is selected.
7.5. An event’s staff shall be selected by the Event Steward.
7.5.1. All event staff must be in compliance with Society, Kingdom, and Baronial Laws and

8. Baronial Property
8.1. Nottinghill Coill Baronial Policy shall conform to the Nottinghill Coill Financial Policy in all
    matters regarding Baronial Property.

9. Waiving General Baronial Policy
9.1. Any part of this policy may be waived under special or extreme circumstances by approval of
    the Coronet, Baronial Seneschal, and a third Baronial Officer, with a full accounting to be given
    at the next scheduled Baronial meeting and in the Baronial Newsletter.
9.2. Any part of this policy may be waived by approval by 2/3 of voting members present at a
    Baronial meeting.
Change History
Date Accepted: April 15, 2017 by populace at Crusades: Portugal meeting. Seneschal: Morwenna