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What Should I Wear?
For your first couple of events (please NOTE: events are not the weekly meetings such as fighter practices), loaner clothing is available so you won't have to rush out and buy or make something. The person in charge of loaning clothing (and all aspects of welcoming newcomers) is called the Chatelaine. No special clothing is required for attending meetings or observing fighter practice. If you wish to participate in armoured combat or fencing, speak to someone at fighter practice and they will advise you on what to wear.

If you're feeling adventurous, here are a few helpful links for creating your first garb:

     The SCA’s primary forum for re-creating the Middle Ages is called an Event. At the Event people gather from all over the Barony (or the kingdom, or the entire Known World) dressed in clothing that could have been worn in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. They come together at a site (a large hall or a camp ground) to participate in all sorts of activities, such as competitive sports, the arts and sciences, and performances.
     Competitive Sports may include armoured combat (the participants dressed in full medieval armour), rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and equestrian activities. The Arts and Sciences Competitions may involve visual art work, cooking, glass work, leather work, armour making, dancing, needlework, herbalism, calligraphy, brewing, music, vintning, and much more. Performances may comprise bardic performances (poems, songs, music, or stories). Whatever skill was deployed during the Middle Ages may be deployed in the SCA.
     At some point during the Event the Royalty or the Baronage may hold court in which those present may address the King and Queen or the Baron and Baroness on matters important to themselves or the group as a whole. The day usually ends with a great Medieval Feast with authentic foods cooked and served by volunteers from the Barony or Canton in which the Event is held. Medieval entertainment of all sorts may accompany the feast and may even spill out into the late evening, especially at camping events, where revellers will have fun around campfires.
     It’s important to note that Courtesy is of the essence at an SCA event. Everyone is expected to be gallant or considerate of others at all times so that all may enjoy themselves.
The SCA is not a secret society. Anyone from anywhere may attend an Event. The only requirement is that he or she make a serious attempt at Medieval clothing. At these Events, you will not usually see folks in modern dress who are there to watch the proceedings. An Event is a living re-creation of Medieval life, and those who attend are there to participate, not gawk.
     So don a tunic and come. Have fun.
How to Make a T-Tunic the Easy Way