An eight-page brochure with color photos and information on: What is the SCA? Getting Started. Who's Who: Where to find SCA equipment. Recommended Reading
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Whether a long time SCA member brought you to your first meeting or you came by yourself, there’s always a period of adjustment. Here’s how to get yourself oriented quickly and begin to have some fun.
“Good grief - what do they mean by that?” The SCA has a vocabulary all its own. Here are definitions for the most commonly used terms you’ll hear at events or read in newsletters.
An introductory booklet published by the Society. Goes into a little more detail. What is the SCA - Getting Started - Fitting In - What to Wear and How to Behave - Making a T-tunic - Names and Personas - Kingdom & Local Officers - SCA Combat - Who is Who? - Heraldry - Guilds, Households, and Sociability - The Gentle Arts and Sciences
The SCA Keeps Royalty Alive & WellThe SCA Keeps Royalty Alive & Well
A Day With KnightsA Day With Knights
Your Teenager &  the SCAYour Teenager &  the SCA
Forward Into the Past
Advice to Newcomers
The DreamThe Dream
News and Cultural EventsNews and Cultural Events
Welcome to the Great Western WarWelcome to the Great Western War
The SCA Siezes Control of RussiaThe SCA Siezes Control of Russia
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SCA Glossary
of Terms
Newcomers' Guide