SCA Barony of Nottinghill Coill

The Barony of
Nottinghill Coill

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The Barony of Nottinghill Coill

The Barony of Nottinghill Coill is located within the Kingdom of Atlantia, part of the Knowne World of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  In the mundane world, this is an area within South Carolina, west of I-95. We have 5 cantons (local groups) that support and develop the population of our lands.


The Baronage of Nottinghill Coill

Baron Elphin ap Daffyd and Baroness  Delia Flammen

Elphin’s first event was a Feast of St. Dismas in 1988.  He then took Delia to her first event: Kingdom 12th Night in 1989.  They tried a variety of activities until eventually they both settled on Rapier combat.  Delia eventually moved on to metal working and fiber arts while Elphin went on to become a teacher and leader in rapier.  Both have long been members of the Romani household Kumpania Painted Wheel.

They traveled extensively for SCA events as far west as Gulf Wars and as far north as Pennsic.  They try to the attend the bigger events in Atlantia and have been known to trespass into Meridies for shenanigans, especially Fools War (a natural fit for Elphin).

Delia was made a Court Baroness in 2008, a Companion of the Golden Dolphin in 2017 and a Companion of the Order of the Pearl.  Elphin was made a White Scarf (at the time the top award for rapier) in 2007, a Sea Stag (for teaching rapier) in 2010, a Companion of the Golden Dolphin in 2017 and Master of the Pelican in 2018.  Both stepped up as territorial Baron and Baroness of Nottinghill Coill in 2019.

Besides rapier combat and the swordsmanship, Elphin has an interest in Early Dark Ages Wales and England as well as the Marovingian era, Roman history especially relating their relations with the Picts, an abiding interest in art of the entire SCA period and a love of Shakespeare.  Delia loves a good shenanigan and can be seen at Christmas themed events running around with her Mari LLwyd.

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